A.O.N.Recording Studio Equiptment List



We are currently refurbishing a Soundcraft 6000 32/16/2 mixing desk and should have it up and running by June of 2011



Intel Quadcore 1 Tb Storage 4gb ram Running Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 and X1 64 bit W/ UAD Cards and a full suite of plug ins & Soft Synths & Samplers


A/D D/A Converters

Rme Fireface 800 Rme ADI 8 DS Apogee PSX 100



Charter Oak sa538 Tube Condenser x1

Neumann Tlm 103 condenser x2

AKG C414 BULS condenser x1

Shure KSM32 condenser x1

Oktava mk219 condenser x3

Shure sm 81 condenser x2

Sennheiser md 421 dynamic x3

Shure sm 57 dynamic x3

AKG D 112 Dynamic x1

Peluso R-14 Ribbon x1

Eletro Harmonix EH-1 Ribbon x1


Out Board Microphone Preamps

OSA Big Daddy custom built with API parts x2

OSA MP-1 A custom built with API parts x2

OSA MP-1C custom built with API parts x1

Buzz Audio Elixir x2

Neve 1272 x1

RCA BA-71 Germanium x2

Groove Tubes Brick Tube pre amp x1

RME Fireface 800 x4


Dynamic Compressors

Buzz Audio Potion x2 (FET)

Buzz Audio Essence x1 (Optical)

Empirical Labs Distressor x1 (Digital Multi)

DBX 160X x1 (VCA)

Roll Music Super Stereo x1 (VCA)

Chameleon Labs 7720 Stereo x1 (VCA)

Joe Meek SC 2.2 Stereo x1 (Optical)

SPL Transient Designer x4 (Specialty)



API 550 (original) x2


Monitor Speakers

JBL 6328 Yamaha NS-10 KRK V-6 Series 2


Guitar Amps

Hiwatt Lead 30 Combo

Fender Concert Combo (Rivera Era)

Mesa Boogie 50 Calibre

59 Fender Deluxe Clone

Trace Elliot Velocette Combo

Ampeg B100 Combo

Ampeg B2R



Gibson Les Paul

Fender 52 reissue Telecaster

Fender Stratocaster w/EMG DG20 pick ups (David Gilmore)

Fender Jazz Bass

Fender Jazz Bass fretless

Kramer Focus 3000 w/EMG 81 pick ups & A Whammy Bar

OLP 5 string bass

Ibanez Artcore AF-75D Hollow Body

Taylor d110 acoustic guitar



Studio Logic SL 990 midi controller fully weighted keys

Alesis QS 6 Synth 61 keys semi weighted

Yamaha Motif ES Synth Module



Early 70's Yamaha recording kit 24” kick 13” 14” 18” toms (Birch)

Dw Collectors series 22” kick 8” 10” 12” 14” 16” toms (Maple)

1965 Rogers Holiday Kit 20” kick 12” 14” toms (Maple)

Large array of wood & metal snare drums to choose from Large array of Zildjian cymbals to choose from

Studio Reservations

Daily Gear Rental